2015 KB Calendars Time is fleeting . . .
01-10-2015, 01:03 PM,
2015 KB Calendars Time is fleeting . . .
. . . Madness takes it's toll.

2015 KB Calendars are in!!! And I have a limited supply on hand, (but can easily get more!) Check them out!

There are 5 ways (of course) to get a hold of one.
  1. 1 Free with each Yearly Package Purchase
  2. PM me. $20 each. Paypal to mccoyteach@msn.com. Let me know if you will pick it up at the next event, or if you'd like it mailed out to you. There is also an XL version for $30.
  3. Order it through our online store. These will be mailed out.
  4. Order direct through our supplier - KB Calendar
  5. Buy one on site in March, while supplies last

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