Player Created Merchandise
02-25-2012, 09:17 PM,
Player Created Merchandise
We have had some interest in Players creating game related items, and have come to the following policy:

Please use this forum to discuss any merchandising ideas. If any Player wants specifically use the KB logo or some other KB specific property, then designs should be submitted to me to go for Staff approval.

How the process works:

Send in designs to me, as complete and accurate as you can be. If it needs to go before the Staff for a look over, I'll bring it to them. If you are planning to use the KB logo or any other intellectual properties of Knight Blades, LLC, please be specific on what you want to use, where you'd like to use it, size, and what the end product is to be.

I will make any submissions for production of merchandise to the appropriate business. I will become, in essence, the rep on the manufacturer end, but you will be involved in each step/decision in this process.

You will have final say on any orders placed, and all merchandise must be paid for to KB before a production order is submitted. And just to be upfront with everyone, we'd add certain % onto the production cost as "our take" for the use of the KB intellectual property. We will then place and pay for the order.

When the order arrives, you will receive all the product to do with what you will. Sell it for what you think it is worth or what you can get for it, raffle it off, give it away, it will be up to you. If you want, we can even add it to the Merchant Local forum - with you being responsible for all financial transactions and delivery of products.

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