What is Merchants Local 114?
01-21-2012, 06:59 PM,
What is Merchants Local 114?

Please feel free to poke around and see what great and wondrous treasures lie about, waiting to be snatched up by one as wise and charismatic as you. One who enjoys the finer things in life. One who . . .

OK, so I'm exaggerating.

Let me explain what the Merchants Local 114 is.

It is our main focus to provide another dimension/layer of enjoyment to our Players' Knight Blades experience. While modest right now, it is our hope that, over time, our inventory will grow - both in size and variety.

And with that in mind, we'd love to hear what types of things you'd like to see made or sold. So go ahead - post those ideas.

The Nuts and Bolts:

It is pretty simple. Items for sale have their own thread, and all information relating to those items are contained in that thread. The preferred method of payment is Paypal, and prices and ordering instructions can be found within. This forum is for Out-Of-Game offerings, and the BARTER spell carries no weight here.
  • All "Official KB" items listed here are listed with the expressed consent of our fearless Game Master. They bear the logo of KB and should be representative of the Game.
  • If you have an idea for a KB logoed item, send the details of what you want to do and I will pass it on to Jay for approval.
  • ------
    For example, a player (forgive me, E.) wants to design and make a shirt with the “Top 10 Things Setsu Is Not Allowed To Do at Knight Blades”. And some of the things listed are: 1. Fornicate with Goblins - even if they are newly wed. 2. Allow Guild members to Shoot Townsfolk in the crotch…

    That may not be the KB image Jay wishes to convey to the public. So he may ask that you just take the "at Knight Blades" off the shirt. Not that he can stop you from making it with "at Knight Blades", but we wouldn't place it here for you to sell and would hope you respect Jay's wishes.
  • If you have KB game related items that do not carry the KB logo that you'd like posted here, please contact me. I'll run it by Jay for approval. For example, some Players were offering to make knit head pieces for In-Game costumes. This would be the place to post those wares.

In the cases of Player created and sold items, Knight Blades is not responsible for any dissatisfaction with product/services provided and will not act as an agent for either the buyer or the seller. What transpires between ya'll stays between ya'll.


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